The Baseball Experience podcast was launched by longtime Astros fan and former print columnist Scott Eiland on January 5, 2012. The show is a weekly examination of the baseball news of today within a historical context. Scott also reviews his own ballpark experiences, baseball books, and baseball movies, with information and added value for casual fans and baseball supergeeks alike. Scott’s passion for the game of baseball is displayed through stats, stories, and anecdotes, with guests interspersed to add to the dialogue (or, in some cases, to provide either a counterpoint or amplification to Scott’s unique rants).

The goal of the program is to provide fans from all backgrounds a different slant on the happenings of Major League Baseball, and attempts to debunk the notion that the game is for old, slow people who probably aren’t technically savvy enough to download the show. While Scott’s obvious love-hate relationship with the team in the “Bayou City” comes through, the show is for fans of all 30 teams. Fans of every team should find something to like.

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  1. Frode Osmundsen says:

    Hi, Scott! Just found your baseball podcast, and I’m lovin it! Especially the honesty, humour and knowledge.

    I’ve been an Astros fan ever since I visited Enron Field in may 2001 (Chris Truby had the game winning hit), and although they at the moment are the worst professional team in all of sports, I got faith in Luhnow.

    2013 in the AL west is gonna be exciting, although I can’t stand the DH rule.

    Go ‘stros!!

    Kind regards,

    Frode Osmundsen, 41 years old
    Sandnes, Norway

    • Scott says:


      A belated THANK YOU for your feedback! The Baseball Experience has RETURNED in 2013 with a renewed focus on baseball’s best historical players, judging individual players’ fitness for the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, with some news analysis from today’s happenings. So glad you’re in the fold!

      Your friend,


  2. Kyle Taylor says:

    Hey Scott – I heard your question you posed on the Audacity to Podcast regarding tax advantages of running a business. I am actually getting ready to start my very own podcast on just that issue. My blog, is a small business resource designed to encourage people to start businesses of their own.

    Although we haven’t fully launched yet, you are welcome to check it out and stay tuned. All the best on 2012 predictions. Keep up the good work.

    Kyle P. Taylor

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