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rose, pete
Hello everyone and thank you for listening after the elongated break I took.

It’s fair to say that the grind of following the happenings of a depressing Astros baseball season wore me down in 2012. On top of that, my spare time was consumed with a new venture – a foray into professional wrestling – that continues to dominate my time. So the stretch run, the collapse of the Texas Rangers, the flameout of the Yankees, and the consistently excellent pitching of the San Francisco Giants in 2012 never made it to my air.

But I still love baseball.

SO what do we do? I still have an audience that has probably given up on me, and a love and passion for the game of baseball that continues to this day. SO what do I do? And the answer hit me :

I need to create content that is independent of events, that may allude to them but that can be consumed any time. My show needs to focus on an area of the game that is being RUINED by the legacy media and people treating their Hall of Fame votes like garbage (turning in a blank ballot) or as if they’re the moral arbiters of history (refusing to vote for Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, or Roger Clemens because of PED usage)

Therefore, I am returning to a weekly schedule, and doing what I love: talking about baseball players of yesteryear and arguing for players I believe belong in the Hall of Fame. Each show will feature one player, and I’ll go through the stories of the player’s career, include audio clips where possible, and make my argument.

The writers and the curmudgeons are destroying the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown. I am relaunching the Baseball Experience podcast to combat this.

The biggest and most egregious miscarriage of justice in Hall of Fame history, in my opinion, is the exclusion of the all-time hits leader from the Hall of Fame. Let’s talk about Pete Rose.

Pete Rose’s Biography

Career highlights:

1963 Rookie of the Year
An extremely rich man’s Tony Phillips; Rose played all three outfield positions, second base, third base, and first base.
1973 MVP
All time hits leader (4256) leads also in games played, at bats,
Big Red Machine leader
led 1980 Phillies to first World Series win in franchise history

On the show, I make the argument that Pete Rose deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, and his plaque can disclose the mistakes he made and the damage he almost caused the game by betting on it.